About Us

Welcome to PairSMS

PairSMS is a leading messaging solution provider in Bangladesh.

Who Are We

PairSMS is a leading messaging solution provider provider in Bangladesh. Using direct connections to telecommunication carriers and operators, PairSMS provides high quality telecommunication solutions to customers

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and one that combines creativity with the latest research and development in the tech world. PairSMS provides its customers with the help they expect to meet their business needs.

What We Do

We consider our customers as our partners. Our highest priority is their satisfaction. Customers enjoy flexible and personalized solutions that meet their most demanding requirements.

Our history

We started our business under the brand name PurpleSMS (from Purple IT Ltd) and BrandSMS (from URLBD Solutions) at 2012-2013. We served many companies locally and globally with worldwide connectivity. Now we started our business with the name of PAIR SMS and aim to bring global messaging solutions for our clients worldwide.

Meet The Team

Would you like to reach your targeted audience?

PairSMS can help you to reach your targeted audience by mobile sms marketing. Talk to with your Expert for details.